Threat Advisory
WordPress Yuzo Plugin Becomes Scamming Tool
The Yuzo Related Posts plugin, which is installed on over 60,000 websites, was removed from the plugin directory on March 30, 2019 after an unpatched vulnerability was publicly, and irresponsibly, disclosed by a security researcher that same day.   The vulnerability, which allows stored cross-site scripting (XSS), is now being exploited in the wild....
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phishing scams
Scammers are abusing the Google Calendar feature using a sophisticated phishing scams to steal data of 1.5 billion users of Google Calendar, including Gmail users.It was observed recently that there were multiple cases of a sophisticated phishing scams targeting consumers through unsolicited Google Calendar notifications with the purpose of tricking users into sharing their personal...
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Phishing Attack
A recently discovered phishing campaign has been targeting financial sector employees in the U.S. and UK with remote access trojan payloads stored on a Google Cloud Storage domain.   Researchers that the campaign seeks to infect PCs and other endpoints by tricking victims into clicking on malicious links that lead to .zip or .gz archive...
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NoKor Hacking Group – Serious Threat to the Banking Sector
A North Korean-connected hacking group progressively is efforting banking-inspired assaults, proposing that digital heists are presently one of its primary exercises in the internet, as per another cyber security report.   The worldwide digital firm said in Thursday that the Lazarus Group is a threat to the banking industry area after it completed a progression...
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Banking malware detection
Last December we discussed a written article about a hacker getting hacked by a banking Trojan. The banking malware was identified as the Lokibot which was exploited by being used by different cybercriminals. The details are in the previous article Can you fathom how critical it is when a hacker itself gets hacked? Now...
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Radisson Hotel Group Hacked
The Radisson Hotel Group is informing individuals from its Loyalty Scheme about an information rupture that may have brought about the unknowingly illegal presentation of their sensitive personal information. The illegally exposed data incorporates names, physical locations, email addresses, telephone numbers, Radisson Reward numbers and frequent flyer numbers and information of the individuals/members. The malicious...
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SMiShing Campaign
Another SMiShing effort has been seen in the wild, focusing on Spanish-talking clients and utilizing a phony Android Banking application. The phony application, called Movil Secure has just piled on several downloads in a time of only six days.   As indicated by security firm specialists, who found the new battle, the phony Movil Security...
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Firefox Monitor
Firefox Monitor, a breach warning site propelled by Mozilla in September, would now be able to convey cautions from inside Firefox program.  When the service goes live in the coming weeks, Firefox users running version 62 and later will see a symbol show up in the location bar when they visit a known breach site....
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Chegg Data Breach – Password Resets for 40 Million Users
Chegg, an education technology company, reportedly suffered a massive data breach a few months ago. The incident, however, remained hidden as the company didn’t notice the hack previously. Nonetheless, recently, an Education Technology Consultant and Tech Blogger, Phil Hill, stumbled upon an 8-K form filed with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that made him...
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China Spy Chips
Tech Companies have ardently denied Bloomberg’s declaration that China’s Super Micro gave them hardware loaded with spy chips, but that isn’t stopping all sorts of accusations from pouring in. Bloomberg claims it has obtained documents from security researcher Yossi Appleboum that reportedly show evidence of an unnamed major US telecom finding “modified hardware” from Super...
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