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ransomware attack manufacturing companies malware trojan hacking

Manufacturing is becoming a Ransomware target

Reports show that there are roughly 10 million manufacturing companies worldwide. The top factories with the highest manufacturing output are from China, the United States, Japan, Germany, and South Korea. These companies differ depending on the type of production processes they offer. However, in the attacker’s eye, they see that these companies are easy prey...
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State of Louisiana US Remote Access Trojan malware ransomware

RAT Attack: State of Louisiana Hit with Pre-election Cyber Incident

Just last week, hackers have begun to infiltrate and deliberately breached various local establishments and government workplaces in Louisiana. This shocking and unexpected activity prompted the local state government to enlist the National Guard’s assistance to try and ward off the attacks. Security researchers have been summoned and reported the said activities last week, Friday....
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Ubisoft Crytek Egregor Ransomware Malware

New Ransomware Family Egregor attacked Ubisoft and Crytek

Recently, a new ransomware family group called Egregor has reportedly stolen data from Ubisoft and Crytek – two of the largest gaming companies worldwide. These two gaming companies are well known for popular games such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy’s video game series. Gaming companies are also one of the main targets...
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silent librarian apt school universities malware hackers iran iranian

Silent Librarian targets Schools and Universities – must upscale their vigilance

September means schools and universities are again open, and business is soaring high for the well-known threat actors – Silent Librarian. Also, popularly known as Cobalt Dickens or TA407, they are a notorious group of adversaries in circulation targeting educational institutions to steal research and propriety data. When cybercriminals target schools and universities, there is...
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netwalker ransomware group us universities antimalware malware Michigan State University Columbia College of Chicago • University of California San Francisco

Netwalker Ransomware Group attacks Universities in US

The notorious ransomware group that attacked various hospitals in Spain and a well-known Logistics and Transporation company few months back are currently targeting universities and colleges situated around America. The Netwalker Ransomware operators extort and threaten to publicly release the private data that they managed to acquire unless their monetary demands are met. Since they...
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lazarus group north korea orchestrator malware antimalware trojan hacking hackers

MATA framework campaign invoked by The Lazarus Group

Browsing through the web and searching for a state-sponsored group, you will find results for this so-called The Lazarus Group. They are formerly known as APT38, God’s Apostles, God’s Disciples, Guardian of Peace, ZINC, and Team Cobra at the same time these off-shoots units called Bluenoroff and Andariel. A two pages article from the US...
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government app threat citizens infosec data privacy

Government sanction Apps that pose a threat to Citizens

There seems to be a race going on every government to come up with a contact tracing app, and another part of the scene are threat actors who could also come up with a copycat app. It is undoubtedly a copycat that may exist on every legitimate application when somehow someone tries to exploit the...
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Fxmsp corporate network access for sale

Fxmsp: Corporate network access for Sale

A collaborative investigation headed by the Cybersecurity experts from a trusted info-sec company confirmed that the Fxmsp hacker was able to profit 1.5 million dollars after auctioning exfiltrated corporate network access. There are about 135 businesses across 44 countries around the globe that got affected. This was continuously done within three years of activity by...
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