googleusercontent malware antimalware
Cyber attackers are getting really creative and resourceful when it comes to infecting users and machines with Malware. It’s as if regular hacking of websites and servers is not enough, these criminals  are now targeting legit hosted websites and its images such as GoogleUserContent and using them as a tool to exploit vulnerabilities while remaining...
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identity-theft prevention
Tech Companies have ardently denied Bloomberg’s declaration that China’s Super Micro gave them hardware loaded with spy chips, but that isn’t stopping all sorts of accusations from pouring in.   Bloomberg claims has obtained documents from security researcher Yossi Appleboum that reportedly show evidence of an unnamed major US telecom finding “modified hardware” from Super...
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data breach cost
With our developing reliance on innovation, huge data breaches are more typical than any time in recent history. Between January 2005 and today, there have been more than 9000 breaks with more than 1.1 billion records uncovered, as per the ID Theft Resource Center. The biggest information breach in history was a hack on 500...
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Queensland Government Attacked By Cyber Criminals
A rather large group of international cyber attackers have just attacked the Queensland Government, with cyber researchers being forced to defend against several potentially catastrophic barrage of online attacks. Just early last year, the state government’s cyber security experts detected and stopped more than 20 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, during which an average...
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Australia Deemed One of the Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
Australia is among a number of countries in the world that is most susceptible to a cyberattack. According to a 2017 data from the Rapid7 National Exposure Index, Australia was ranked ninth (9th) among the most susceptible to cyber-attacks. Dr Maria Milosavljevic, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation...
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Phishing Prevention
Phishing via Misspelling Phishing, no matter what form it takes is now considered to be the #1 security threat affecting users and their devices. While most phishing techniques have remained a stable cyber-attack over the years, affecting users on computers for as long as the internet has been around, hackers have learned to take advantage...
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