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Singapore Health Care Systems Hacked – Patient Records Compromised

Cyber-criminals have stolen a whole bunch of personal and patient data in a record-breaking hack which contained data between June to July 2018. The hacking, according to Singapore authorities was well-executed, well-planned and precisely aimed towards attacking the country’s largest group of hospitals and other healthcare institutions. More than 1 Million patient’s personal records have...
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Auto Industry takes huge blow from Hackers

Cyber Attacks are getting more and more frequent nowadays. From government institutions to hospitals, banks and other financial institutions. There’s almost no rest for cyber criminals , hackers and the amount of illegal activities they couldn’t accomplish. And their newest victim – The Auto Industry. Car manufacturers or all manufacturers in general – normally go to...
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Human Resources company suffers Data Breach

One seriously threatening part about data breaches and getting hacked is the period from when the breach was done, and the actual time it takes for the end user or the company to find out that they’ve been attacked. You begin to think that from that certain phase, those cyber criminals may have already acquired...
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tivit databreach phishing attacks phishing assaults

InfoTech Firm in Brazil suffers data breach via phishing assault

Just last month, various databases and cloud storage servers belonging to Tivit, a Brasilian based IT solutions and network storage provider, were hacked/compromised by unnamed assailants using phishing assault. In a series of leaks across Twitter over a 5 day time period, between December 7th-12th 2018, the login user names and credentials to more than...
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Hackers Breach and Expose Corporate Email Accounts On The Web

Cyber Attackers have just discovered new ways to invade and breach corporate email accounts, which has resulted in a US$12-Billion cost to businesses over the last 3-5 years, according to Digital Shadows.   Compromised corporate email accounts are commonly traded on the dark web, where criminals can earn a pretty penny, particularly if the email...
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Data breach

Unprotected Evite website containing customers’ data exposed in a data leak

A social planning and e-invitations service company named Evite detected a security breach when anunauthorized party acquired an inactive data storage file associated with the firm’s user accounts last April 15, 2019. This storage file contains customer’s information which includes names, usernames, email addresses, passwords, dates of birth, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.   Among...
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Massive data leaks hit Oregon State University exposing hundreds of students’ information

Recently, a successful cyberattack hit Oregon State University compromising personal information of hundreds of students including their family members. The university announced that a total of 636 students and family’s records containing personally identifiable information were compromised due to a cyberattack that occurred in early May 2019.   Individuals outside the university hacked an OSU...
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Tech Data Suffers Major Data Leak

Tech Data Suffers Major Data Leak

An American IT Giant has fixed a “major” data leak that exposed payment, invoice, account and contact information for the company’s reseller and MSP partners. It wasn’t clear if it’s a hacking incident or malware-related intrusion.   The Clearwater, Fla.-based IT distribution giant leaked some 264 gigabytes of client and employee corporate and personal data,...
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Shamoon malware

Malware Wipes Hard Drives Clean – Permanently

New variants of Shamoon disk-wiping malware were recently reported to cyber security experts this week from Italy. Shamoon malware was first spotted in the cyber-attack against Saudi Arabia and other oil companies in 2012 in which it erased data of more than 30,000 belonging to the companies.   In 2016 it was spotted in the...
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US Firm Suffers Data Breach – Cards Data Posted on DarkNet

In a statement posted to its Web site today, Orlando, Fla. based hospitality firm Earl Enterprises said a data breach involving malware installed on its point-of-sale systems allowed cyber thieves to steal card details from customers between May 23, 2018 and March 18, 2019.   According to an analysis of that page, it appears the...
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