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Hernia Institute in California Attacked by Gamma Ransomware – Patient Records Exposed
The information exposed by the assault incorporates the data of patients who were treated preceding 19th July, 2018. The bargained information incorporates patients’ full names, addresses, dates of birth, social security information, laboratory findings and clinical arrangements. California-based National Ambulatory Hernia Institute was hit by a ransomware assault that traded off an aggregate of 15,974...
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Hijacking UK Email Accounts for Phishing
There has been a significant rise in stolen corporate email accounts that are being used in phishing attempts. This is according to a new report by security experts Barracuda. The security firm is claiming email accounts from employees all over the UK are being stolen. Hackers would then log into these accounts remotely and, posing...
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Hackers Prefer Tuesdays When Deploying Phishing Attacks
Malicious cyber attackers steal user credentials by tricking unsuspecting users into using their login information on engineered fake websites. By hijacking an existing login page or creating an accurately similar login website that you can’t tell it apart from the authentic site, attackers easily gain access to the target network. Organized phishing operations, in which...
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Phishing using the ZeroFont Technique
Cyber criminals area at it again. And this time, they are after familiar territory – Office 365. Ever since the developments in security for messaging systems, security experts have already given us due notice regarding the possible threats of bogus or fraudulent emails. This will be an ever-growing hazard since in this digital age, almost...
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A group of phishing criminals called Silver Terrier originating from Nigeria was known to change its tactics to improve its success rate on getting more victims. The group is not known to conduct sophisticated phishing attacks, and they still heavily rely on email phishing campaigns. However the group seemed to be dedicated to do more...
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