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Microsoft Prevented Cyber Attack from Russian Hackers

Microsoft Prevented Cyber Attack from Russian Hackers

Microsoft has just released a statement saying that it discovered and prevented a hacking attack from a Russian Hacking Unit – Strontium. The main target of the group were U.S. political groups and the upcoming midterm elections this November. Microsoft said that the hacking group – Strontium (aka Fancy Bear or APT28) was directly linked...
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Google Play Apps infected with Windows Keyloggers

Google Play Apps infected with Windows executable files

Security researchers from Unit 42 of Palo Alto Networks have just discovered Google Play Apps infected with malicious Windows Executable files. These infected apps specifically include teaching and tutorial apps – Learn to Draw Clothing (teaching people how to draw design clothing), Gymnastics Training (tutorial about gymnastics moves), and Modification Trail (an app showing ideas...
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UnityPoint Hacked

UnityPoint Hacked – 1.4 Million Patients’ Data Breached

A string of Phishing Attacks camouflaged as an internal email from one of the company’s executives was all it took for an employee to be duped and unknowingly grant access to the company’s database, right towards sensitive patient information. The data collection included names, patient DOBs, medical records, laboratory results, dates of services, insurance information,...
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BankBot Anubis malware

Fake Google Store Apps infecting users with BankBot Anubis Malware

An ongoing influx of questionable developers submitting fake Android apps on Google Play Store increased its scale, hinting at a widespread malicious group dedicated in mobile theft-terrorism. These fake apps exploit the mobile downloader feature and covertly install BankBot Anubis malware on their victims. How did they got pass Google Play Store’s defense? Hackers up...
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Insider Threats

You might have heard of the threats that are built into machines, and the ones that are created by people to exploit loopholes in any given system. We’re all aware of the malwares and viruses, the phishing sites, fake accounts, and everything digital threat that exists in this day and age. But let’s throw it...
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Android Triple Threat

Triple Threat Approach Android

Phishing attacks in the cyber world is relentless as ever, because of new vulnerabilities with the evolution of technology. We can’t deny that these threats exist, because victims are gaining in numbers and falling prey to Android Banking Malware which is being used for phishing activities. It is not a surprise that techniques are combined...
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SMiShing – a resurgent phishing based threat.

SMiShing – a phishing based threat against the Mobile Channel. SMiShing is a phishing based attack that leverages the Short Message Service (SMS) or phone based text message. SMiShing or Smishing has been around for many years now so it is not a new threat but a persistent threat that is evolving. With SMiShing the...
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