E-commerce firm, Next Level Apparel suffered email phishing that affects some employees

Ecommerce firm Next Level Apparel email phishing

An American e-commerce firm and leading designer and manufacturer of clothing items, Next Level Apparel, has recently experienced a data breach issue that affected its employees’ email accounts. As reported by the firm’s issued press release, a small number of employee email accounts have been compromised to an email phishing incident. The attack has given threat actors unauthorized access to sensitive company information. 

The exposed sensitive information includes email accounts, names, social security numbers, payment card numbers, checking account numbers, medical information, and driver’s license numbers. 


The e-commerce firm also added that they could not verify if an unauthorized person had viewed and exploited any individual data exposed to the email phishing incident. 


The issued press release of Next Level Apparel is to notify the people involved in the email phishing incident about the situation and to provide advice on how to safeguard their exposed details against any form of suspicious threats and activities. 

Notification emails are sent to the affected victims that have an address record to the e-commerce firm. Additionally, they arranged a dedicated customer service for people with any inquiries and concerns regarding the email phishing incident. 

Next Level apparel has also posted a breach alert from their website wherein recommendations and advice are mentioned. The alert aims to provide the affected individuals with further knowledge on how to protect themselves against potential cyberattacks such as identity theft or fraud since the exposed details of the victims may be exploited for these types of illegal activities. 

Implementation of additional security measures will be applied according to the press release statement so that future cyber attacks such as the recent email phishing incident against the e-commerce firm can be prevented. Next Level Apparel will further protect its employees’ and clients’ confidential details by enhancing their existing email protocols and refining the staff’s cybersecurity awareness, such as how serious email phishing incidents can affect victims. 

As of writing, there are no added details yet on the scope of the email phishing incident against the e-commerce firm. The unknown details include the number of victims who exposed their information and which threat actor has performed the attack. 

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