Brand Protection

Online Brand Abuse

Online brand abuse varies from unintentional brand misuse to significant malicious intent, Copyright and Trademark infringement, intellectual property theft and corporate identity theft. Corporate branding can be readily hijacked for the purpose of delivering malicious payloads from a “trusted” source. Online Brand abuse can result in major reputational damage, dilution of the business message, corporate identity theft and lost revenue. The business needs to be aware of such issues and be proactive in terms of potential abuse.

Brand Monitoring

iZOOlogic provides proprietary systems to monitor clientbrands and domains deep into the internet and public facing web. Brand Monitoring systems use a range of keyword and image heuristics, signature and hash detections, and also employs a range of unique algorithms and techniques. The Global Security Incident Response will respond to a broad range of brand abuse and work with many third parties to resolve cases of brand and intellectual property infringements.

Brand Protection

iZOOlogic solutions will provide the business visibility, management and control over their online presence against brand infringement. iZOOlogic will work with the business to enforce their Trademark and Copyright legal rights across the internet. Our security analysts have a great deal of experience in negotiation with third parties across the globe to resolve the most complex or disputed cases of brand misuse and fraud associated with client brands.

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