Financial Malware / Trojan Monitoring

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Malware Threats

Malware is constantly evolving and is the leading cause of electronic fraud losses across the globe. Trusted brands are often hijacked to distribute and deliver generic crimeware. Organisations need to adopt layered anti-fraud controls to combat this sophisticated malware. Counter measures should also include a monitoring regime to provide intelligence and identify schemes where corporate branding is used in malicious manner. Mobile malware is becoming a growing concern to any business transacting online.


iZOOlogic provides Anti-Malware services to monitor, detect and provide mitigation controls to combat malware and brand hijacking. iZOOlogic provides agentless services to seamlessly detect infected end points without any end user intervention or compliance. iZOOlabs is a dedicated malware laboratory dedicated to a range of sophisticated analysis techniques in order to provide mitigation against the malware attacks. The iZOOlabs malware analysts provide a range of mitigation and response techniques to disrupt criminal activities from C2 Servers, drop sites, infection routes.

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Malware Protection

iZOOlogic will assist the business to identify malware attacks and provide effective mitigation. Anti-Malware Protection solutions will identify end users, transactions and sessions compromised by malware in order to reduce fraud losses, mitigate malware attacks and quickly recover from attack.

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