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Hawaii Payroll Services company ransomware attack compromised data

Hawaii Payroll Services company experienced a ransomware attack

Hawaii Payroll Services LLC, a payroll processing company in Honolulu, has experienced a ransomware attack, which has compromised company data, including birthdays, client names, social security numbers, bank details, and more.  As said by the payroll processing company, an unauthorized actor may have gained illegal access to their systems through a compromised client account. Then, the threat actor may have...
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Bryan Palma Chief Executive Officer CEO Symphony Technology Group STG

Bryan Palma appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Symphony Technology Group

Symphony Technology Group, also known as STG, a leading private equity firm based in Menlo Park, California, has appointed Bryan Palma as their new chief executive officer and Ian Halifax as Chief Financial officer.  Meanwhile, Symphony Technology Group is a private equity firm that focuses on investing in software, analytics sectors, and data. The recent acquisition of FireEye products prompted the...
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Data breach cyberattack game streaming Twitch data exposed

Data breach attack has targeted a popular video game streaming platform, Twitch streamers’ revenue data got exposed

The popular videogame streaming platform, Twitch Interactive, was recently hit by a data breach that leaked some of the video game streaming platform’s confidential information in an online chat forum called 4chan. Reports say that an alleged 4chan user had exposed the Twitch data, aiming to damage the video game streaming platform’s business. Additionally, this threat actor claims to have intruded Twitch’s internal...
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State treason charged cyber security Group-IB CEO Ilya Sachkov

State treason charged against cybersecurity Group-IB CEO, Ilya Sachkov

A file of state treason was charged against Ilya Sachkov, Group-IB’s co-founder and chief executive officer. The arrest happened on Tuesday at the office of Group-IB in Moscow. The law enforcement operated a property and office search on the same day, as confirmed by the cybersecurity company. Group-IB is one of the biggest Russian cybersecurity...
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Social media Facebook Messenger Instagram WhatsApp down

Social media platforms Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp down for hours: What happened?

On Monday afternoon ET, the social media community worldwide seemed paralyzed after nearly six hours of downtime by the Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms, all owned by Facebook, Inc. The outage has gradually come back for some users after hours, while others still have trouble accessing the social media applications.  The issue has trended on Twitter with the hashtags #facebookdown and #internetshutdown shortly...
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KrebsOnSecurity website cyberattack Meris botnet Mirai

KrebsOnSecurity website gets attacked by the Meris botnet

KrebsOnSecurity, a website authored by Brian Krebs covering computer security and cybercrime, has always been a target of cybercriminals. However, this time, the website is also targeted by a powerful and massive botnet. On Thursday evening, the website was assaulted by a botnet called Meris.  Meris botnet is relatively new on the attack scene and...
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Major security bug fixes update vulnerability WordPress

Major security bug fixes update has been released by WordPress version 5.8.1

Any tools or software usually publishes a bug fix update coming from any significant version update to fix unanticipated technical issues and present new improvements that have not been introduced along with the major version update release. This is what’s expected for every software and content platform. WordPress, an open-source content management system, have informed...
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ProtonMail data privacy authorities amendment of policies

As ProtonMail turnovers data to authorities, amendment of policies has to be done

ProtonMail, an end-to-end encrypted email service based in Switzerland, has turned over a French climate activist’s IP address and browser fingerprint to the Swiss authorities. This action of the email service has appeared to be in contrast with their privacy-focused guidelines, which states that they do not keep any IP logs by default.  After the email service...
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first half 2021 288% growth ransomware attacks

2021’s first half to have found at least 288% of growth in ransomware attacks

It was highlighted by the NCC Group’s Research Intelligence and Fusion Team (RIFT) through their analysis of the exponential rising of ransomware threats worldwide. As with the researcher’s analysis, there has been at least 288% of growth in ransomware attacks worldwide between January to March and April to June of 2021. Many companies and organisations have been...
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