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Ransomware Cyber Threats Microsoft Secured Core Servers Digital Risk Protection Windows Server

Ransomware threats now avoidable with Microsoft’s Secured-core servers

Microsoft recently announced that the first Secured-core certified Windows Servers and Microsoft Azure Stack HCI devices are now safe against cyberattacks, including ransomware threats. The tech giant’s Secured-core devices are offered to protect users against the surge of firmware vulnerabilities exploited by threat actors in bypassing Windows devices’ Secure Boot and the deficiency in firmware visibility...
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Tor Project Country Wide Censorship Russia Onion Network Dark Web Cybersecurity

Tor Project asked for help after receiving country-wide censorship in Russia

Russia said in the latest news that their country’s largest internet service providers have actively blocked the main website of the Tor Project – torproject(dot)org. Furthermore, the country might also be preparing for an extensive operation of blocking the entire project within their territories. The Tor Project enables users to automatically encrypt and reroute web...
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Crypto Exchange Executive Arrested Ryuk Ransomware Money Laundering Denis Dubnikov Extortion Cryptocurrency

Crypto-exchange executive arrested after aiding Ryuk to launder profits

A Russian native and co-founder of two crypto-exchange firms were recently detained at US authorities’ request after aiding the Ryuk ransomware group launder profits acquired from extorting several US-based organisations. The alleged aider, known as Denis Dubnikov, was arrested and detained last week when he tried to spend a vacation in a small town in...
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Cyberattack Banking Finance 36 hours US Policy Enforcement

Cyberattack must be reported by banks in 36 hours as per new US policy

The US federal bank regulatory agencies have recently approved a new policy commanding banks to notify their federal regulators of major cyberattack events within 36 hours.  Banks are required only to report significant cyberattacks if they have or will possibly affect their transactions, operation, stability, or delivery of banking products or services. Moreover, bank service...
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Israel Defence Minister Data Leak House Cleaner Black Shadow Moses Staff Digital Risk Cybercrime

Israel’s Defence Minister suffered from data leak done by his house cleaner

An Israeli man named Omri Goren Gorochovsky, a Defence Minister’s house cleaner, was arrested after victimising his employer with data leak and sold his details and photographs to Iranian threat group Black Shadow. Goren has worked for Defence Minister Benny Gantz since June 2021 as a personal cleaner for his home. According to reports, Goren...
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NSO Group US Entity List Pegasus Spyware Surveillance Cybercrime Itzik Benbenisti

The CEO of NSO Group steps down after being added to the US’ entity list

A couple of weeks after being appointed as the new CEO of a spyware firm NSO Group, Itzik Benbenisti is reported to step down from the position, according to several Israeli news outlets. The decision of the former CEO came from the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security to include the NSO Group...
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King of Fraud Methbot Scheme Russia Aleksandr Zhukov US Online Fraud

“King of Fraud” is now behind bars after developing the Methbot Scheme

The United States Department of Justice sentenced the Russian’s “King of Fraud” to 10 years of jail after operating a massive digital advertising fraud scheme called ‘Methbot’.  This fraud scheme has stolen over $7 million from different companies across the United States. The king of fraud, known by his real name as Aleksandr Zhukov, was...
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Cyberattacks Retail Industry 2021 eCommerce Trade Selling Supply Chain Shipment

Cyberattacks against the Retail Industry have intensified for 2021

The last quarter of 2021 could be devastating for the retail industry, according to a 12-month analysis done by security experts. Cybercriminals have been targeting the industry to disrupt operations and perform multiple cyberattacks to take advantage of the ongoing supply chain crisis worldwide. The retail industry has been long prone to increasing cyberattacks, including...
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Tech giant Yahoo discontinues partnership China PIPL cybersecurity

Tech giant Yahoo discontinues partnership with China

The latest news revealed that Yahoo, a tech giant firm, has discontinued its connection from China due to its operating environment that is becoming more challenging for the firm. From Yahoo’s statement, their suite of services will be inaccessible for mainland China beginning November 1, 2021. Nonetheless, they expressed their commitment to providing users with free and open internet and an avenue to...
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