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wifi vulnerability wpa3 dragonblood

New Wifi Security? What about the Dragonblood Vulnerabilities? New WPA3 Standard?

Yes, we have a new kid on the block, for Wi-Fi enthusiasts the better the security the safer they feel, and of course would make them surf more. Internet has been part of our daily lives, therefore securing our activities in the world of the cloud is something more to consider. WPA3 is said to...
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New MacOS Phishing Scheme Found

New MacOS Phishing Scheme Found

The 2017 version of OSX.Dok used a fake Preview icon to disguise an application bundle. The malware apparently targeted mostly European Mac users and was spread via an email phishing campaign that attempted to convince the user there was some problem with their tax returns.   A similar trick is used in the new version,...
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SIM port attack

The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack

Port tweeking summary This might not be new as peoples’ testimony regarding this type of attack on mobile phone numbers has been alarming since this will make your digital life worse than ever. CYBER criminals are using a simple trick to steal people’s mobile phone numbers, move them to a different carrier and use the...
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The Shadow War’: How a Chinese spy stole some of the Pentagon’s most sensitive secrets

Businessman/ spy / hacker? It marks the first time that the FBI has issued an arrest warrant for a foreigner charged with an act of cyber espionage via a network attack that has until now been attributed exclusively to state actors like the PLA (Chinese People’s Liberation Army).Su Bin, 51, a Chinese national who also...
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Huawei devices

Google and Huawei: Temporary License Granted

The US Government’s fraud management efforts appear to have made the world go hysterical as it had ordered Alphabet’s Google to revoke the license of Android and Google proprietary apps from Huawei. In a sudden turn of events the Department of Commerce has given Huawei a temporary general license to maintain its current products.The general...
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WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

Critical WordPress Plugin Vulnerability Remains Unpatched

Beware of a new, unpatched vulnerability that has been made public and could allow attackers to compromise your online store. To be clear, the reported unpatched vulnerability doesn’t reside in the WordPress core or WooCommerce plugin itself.   The vulnerability exists in a plugin, called WooCommerce Checkout Manager, that extends the functionality of WooCommerce by...
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WI-FI Security

Discovering WI-FI Security

Wireless Fidelity We are all connected with it and used it in on daily basis  using computers, smart phones, iPads, game consoles, even our home appliances and other devices to communicate over high-frequency radio signal or wireless signal, however we have less information on how it originally go about, how secure it is and who...
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Docker Hub Hacked

Docker Hub Hacked! 190K User Accounts Exposed

Docker Hub was just attacked! More than 190K user accounts may have been exposed. Docker Hub discovered the unauthorized access to a single Hub database On Thursday, April 25th, 2019. The accessed data includes usernames, passwords, Github and Bitbucket tokens for Docker auto builds. Dockers confirm that only non-financial user data is affected.   Docker...
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Multiple Hacking Campaigns Detected

Multiple Hacking Campaigns Detected Against Telegram and Instagram via BGP Protocol

The malicious hackrs behind the assaults – regardless of whether state-supported or something else – are concentrating solely on subjects of Iran that utilization either the scrambled informing application or picture sharing administration.   As per the Cisco Talos cybersecurity group, the battles have been dynamic since 2017 and are continuous against about 40 million...
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