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email address compromised xbox live vulnerability bug

Hackers exploited bug to get gamer’s email address on Xbox Live

A recent security patch has been released by Microsoft to attend an allegedly a Zero-Day vulnerability found on Xbox Gamertag ID. The Gamertag is a sort of identification in the Xbox community use to report other gamers that may have violated the community policy to Microsoft for proper sanctioning. As their official statement, Microsoft Security...
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chinese android mobile china backdoor apps data privacy information security

Android Mobile BackDoor Apps – Collects and sends user data back to China

For a reasonably low price of only US$50, you can now purchase an android smartphone capable of providing you with the latest technological features available on the market. You get HD (High Definition) Display, a basic data package, 4G/LTE data services, a substantial amount of memory and storage capacity, plus all the free built-in apps...
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sonicwall firewall critical vulnerability

Critical SonicWall vulnerability affecting 800k firewall devices

SonicWall confirmed that the old version of their OS has been reviewed to be vulnerable to remote attackers through their official statements. After extensive research, they acknowledged the weakness and immediately performed a mitigation plan to develop an immediate patch to resolve the issue. Dubbed as CVE-2020-5135, this issue will allow an adversary to run...
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microsoft windows xp os source code leak data leak compromised data

Windows OS Source Code leaked online

Cybercommunity experts and infamous hackers feasted on the recent post by an anonymous contributor on the 4chan website about the source code for the most extended and well-known Windows XP Operating System. The source code includes Windows Server 2003, Windows CE for handheld devices, and other Windows operating systems. The more dreaded thing included in...
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izoologic crown commercial service supplier uk government

Acceptance by the UK Government to the G Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace

iZOOlogic is pleased to announce our acceptance by the Crown Commercial Service as a listed supplier on the new G-Cloud 12 framework. The Digital Marketplace helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services. The Agreement runs until 27th September 2021. This UK Government initiative allows departments across all government, including...
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softserve ransomware attack data breach client data leak malware antimalware malware solutions rainmeter rainmeterapp

SoftServe hit by Ransomware

An internal letter to their employees has leaked out in the cybersecurity community leading to the discovery of another feisty attack from a ransomware adversary. According to the letter, dated September 1, between 2 AM to 9 AM, the said attack happened to SoftServe compromising their network system by deploying ransomware and other malware by...
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whatsapp critical security bug vulnerability social media mobile app

More WhatsApp critical security bugs discovered

With billions of users from mobile to desktop, WhatsApp – a Facebook app, again is on the hot seat after reporting to the public a recent vulnerability report found within. There is a total of 6 vulnerability that has been spotted coming from reports gathered from netizens from its Bug Bounty program and their regular...
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VoLTE protocol 4g 5g security vulnerability voice calls exploit

I can hear you via VoLTE protocol

Recently concluded experiment by a group of cybersecurity experts exposed the vulnerability of Voice over Long-Term Evolution or VoLTE protocol. This is the same group that unravels security issues with 4G and 5G networks reported in February this year. Based on their submitted demo evidence, an attacker can easily listen and decrypt previous phone calls...
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whatsapp hacked nso group data Exfiltration vulnerability voip infosec information security privacy

WhatsApp Hack – Why you should always update your apps

WhatsApp has just recently released a new patch upgrade after Cybersecurity experts exposed its vulnerability upon stumbling the modus of the Israeli hacking adversaries called NSO Group. According to the report, WhatsApp has shallow security wherein speculation that this was neglected upon app development. Due to this, the NSO Group was able to hack devices...
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