About Us

iintéll’igence, n Intellect; quickness of understanding, sagacity; a rational being, news (i department engaged in collecting information esp. for military purposes).

ZOŌ,  n. (collaq). Zoological garden esp. that in London. [foil.], Natural history of animals, Informal. a place, activity, or group marked by chaos or unrestrained behavior.

lǑ’gic – n. the science of reasoning, a scheme of or treatise on it, conformity to its’ laws, method of argumentation.

Story About Us

iZOOlogic provides Fraud Prevention and Phishing Solutions and protects hundred’s of the world’s leading brands, across banking, finance, government and more…

The iZOOlogic platform is an integrated suite of solutions allowing real time intelligence into the online threat landscape and provides a seamless 24x7x365 Global Incident Response.

iZOOlogic headquarters are in the UK, with operations in US and Australia.

SaaS Platform

iZOOlogic solutions provide real time intelligence and enforces the security policies of the organisation.

iZOOlogic SaaS solutions are bespoke and built on specialised and proprietary platforms. Our expert Security Analysts provide Global Security Response with the highest degree of customer service.


iZOOlabs provides a Security Laboratory and a Global Security Operation Centre which enables a range of responses and mitigation against a broad range of cybercrime threats.

iZOOlogic HQ and GSOC is in the Leadenfield Building.


Why the Cheesegrater?


Because design is at our core….