Large companies lag in domain security enhancement adoption in preventing cyberattacks

Large companies domain security enhancement cyberattacks DNS

Many studies state that web domains of large companies remain to be dangerously under-guarded against the threat of cyberattacks despite the world’s shift to a more modernize business and operations landscape. At least 81% of companies listed in Forbes Global 2000 are not using registry locks, which means that these companies have a lag in adopting enhanced domain security measures. 

Businesses and brands do not prioritize domain security, as stated by other concerning findings of researchers. At least 70% of homoglyph domain tactics are owned by third parties, commonly used in phishing. While 57% of companies listed in the Global 2000 rely on standard consumer-grade consultants who offer inadequate domain security practices to fully protect their organization against domain and DNS attacks. 


The overall business environment can be put at risk of cyberattacks if domain security remains being overlooked.


Researchers believe that basic domain security measures are being overlooked because domain protection is not essential to an organization’s more comprehensive cyberattack mitigation approach. They also added that businesses must prioritize securing legitimate domains while monitoring malicious domains for enterprises to prevent cyber risks. Companies will be exposing themselves to potential cybersecurity threats that could risk their data protection, brand reputation, intellectual properties, revenue, and consumer safety if they continue to overlook domain security importance. 

Based on additional findings, threat actors apply tactics to hide their footprints and hasten their attack attempts. 77% of third-party domains use domain privacy services or have redacted their details from WHOIS, while 43% have been configured with MX email records which allows them to perform phishing emails. 56% are used for domain parking, 38% have static web content, and 6% perform brand impersonation to conduct malware delivery. 

With the growth of cybercrime attacks all over the world, domain name registrations rise as well. Therefore, industry oversight is necessary more than ever. Companies and businesses must also be proactive in domineering their domain security measures, considering the fast-pacing world that exists now. Enhanced domain security measures can alleviate the chance of cyberattacks and prevent criminal activities from taking place within organizations. 

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