Richlogs Genesis Market Underworld Market Exit Scam Clear Web Dark Web Hacker Forum

Richlogs, a Genesis Market wannabe, did an exit scam?

The cyber landscape was intrigued back in April 2019 when a new online marketplace called Richlogs, now known as Underworld Market, has emerged to offer victim’s stolen digital identities, including access to their unique online activities, sensitive account credentials, IP addresses, and more. Richlogs was also dubbed a ‘Genesis Market wannabe’ since its services are similar...
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Hive Ransomware Ransomware as a Service Leak Site Dark Web Malware

The Hive ransomware is expanding faster, experts revealed

Based on recent reports, the growth of Hive ransomware is rising at an alarming rate. The Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is aggressively spreading its operation and has been eyeing many organisations globally since its first emergence last June of 2021. Security experts have acquired access to the administrator infrastructure of Hive, and they have dug deeper, resulting in...
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Compromised NPM Node Package Manager Attack Vector Discord Tokens Communication Platform Info Stealing

Compromised NPM packages now a vector for stealing Discord Tokens

Researchers have discovered several compromised Node Package Manager (NPM) packages trying to hijack and steal Discord tokens. Discord is a growing chat app with about 350 million users globally. However, due to this popularity, this chat application caught the attention of numerous malicious threat actors. Recently, security researchers have identified 17 distinct malicious packages in the...
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Glupteba Botnet Operation Google Suspects Arrested Malware Russian Hackers

Glupteba botnet operation gets disrupted by Google; two suspects arrested

Two Russian nationals were arrested recently after being linked to the operations of the Glupteba botnet for the past years. Furthermore, Google has also announced that they disrupted the malware’s operations to cripple it temporarily. Google removed over 63 million Google Docs files after discovering that the Glupteba gang used these files for the malware’s distribution...
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Tardigrade Malware Cyberattack Biomanufacturing Industrial SmokeLoader Data Breach

New Tardigrade malware utilised to attack biomanufacturing facilities

An unknown threat group is currently targeting facilities of numerous bio-manufacturers with a new Tardigrade malware that is utilised to be distributed to compromised networks and exfiltrate data for long periods without being detected. According to recent reports, the malicious threat group has been targeting all sectors under healthcare since the start of 2020. The member...
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Phishing Cyberattack Campaigns Phishing Kits Email Phishing Online Fraud

Phishing campaigns now easier to conduct with the help of phishing kits

There are countless known ways for malicious actors to conduct a cyberattack these days, but phishing is the best operation for financially motivated attacks and quick cash grabs. However, due to the ever-growing world of hacking, every malicious individual can now conduct a phishing campaign with ease using ready-to-use phishing kits.   As of now, phishing...
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Dark Mirai Botnet RCE Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Abuse Flaw TP Link Router MANGA TL-WR840N

Dark Mirai botnet discovered abusing RCE flaws in TP-Link units

The Dark Mirai botnet threat operators, also known as MANGA botnet, have been found exploiting a newly discovered vulnerability in the TP-link product called ‘TL-WR840N EU V5’ that gives a threat actor remote code execution capability. The TP-Link product is either a wired or a wireless network expansion unit. It is a product that aids every...
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Pakistani Hackers SideCopy APT India Afghanistan Government Spear Phishing Brand Abuse Social Engineering

Pakistani SideCopy APT targets India and Afghanistan’s Governments

Several government organisations from India and Afghanistan have recently suffered from cyberattacks by the SideCopy APT actors from Pakistan that breached their Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts and stole access to their government portals. Researchers have dug deep into the new attack techniques and tools used by the APT group linked to the new attack discovery....
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Threat Actors Technology Landscape Manufacturing Sector IOT Internet of Things

Threat actors target the evolving landscape of the manufacturing sector

Based on experts’ recent findings, it is believed that the manufacturing sector has been one of the many industries being targeted by cyberattacks. These findings might be because of the industry’s extensive use of software tools with advanced technologies, including their adoption to the evolving world of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. An example of this...
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Cannazon Dark Web Marketplace Offline DDoS Attack Cyberattack Underground Market

Cannazon, a giant dark web marketplace goes offline due to DDoS attack

A devastating distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack had recently hit one of the largest dark web marketplaces in the cybercrime landscape in buying cannabis, Cannazon, that caused their website to crash. For this reason, the operators of Cannazon decided to retire officially and assured not to pull any exit scam against their vendors. The exit message published...
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Shiba Inu Token Victimise Investors Fraud Prevention Online Scam Cryptocurrency

Shiba Inu token’s popularity is taken advantage of to victimise investors

A meme-based token Shiba Inu has gained massive popularity with digital asset investors, along with many other cryptocurrency tokens existing. Last October, it hit an all-time high, making threat actors leverage it by conducting scams on hyped-up victims. Scammers took it to YouTube and made live videos promoting their phoney Shiba Inu token giveaways that piqued...
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Japanese Electronics Panasonic Data Breach Japan Brand Abuse Compromised Systems

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic confirms suffering from data breach

Recent reports revealed a data breach against Panasonic, a Japanese multinational corporation and electronics giant, that compromised their data stored on a file server as the unknown threat actors have managed to access their systems. A press release by Panasonic confirmed that their network had been illegally accessed by unknown third-party threat actors last November 11,...
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France Cease Operations Ship Inspection Bureau Veritas System Disruption Cyberattack Maritime Logistics

Operations of ship inspection firm Bureau Veritas disrupted due to attack

A French certification and ship inspection firm, Bureau Veritas, has recently been hit by a cyberattack on their systems that temporarily disrupted their operations and slowed down their client services. The ship inspection firm said from a statement that they immediately triggered their cybersecurity protocols upon learning about the incident. To prevent the cyberattack from furthering...
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Russian Chinese Ransomware Gangs Alliance Hacking Forum Dark Web

Russian and Chinese ransomware gangs said to be forming an alliance

Rumours are spreading throughout the entire cybersecurity world about the alleged alliance of Russian and Chinese ransomware gangs, wherein Russian threat actors are said to have initiated an alliance by inviting Mandarin-speaking hackers to participate in a hacking forum to exchange tips and tricks for malicious acts. Also, the Russian threat actors encourage China-based hackers to...
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Cyber Attackers Glitch Project Management Phishing UAE Employees Social Engineering

Attackers exploit the Glitch app to phish on UAE-based employees

Middle East employees from large firms are the latest target of a long-term phishing scam that uses a short-lived aspect of the Glitch app, a project-management tool, and redirects them to SharePoint phishing pages. The phishing email sent in the scam contains suspicious PDFs linked to the Glitch app that includes obfuscated JavaScript for credentials theft...
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Apple Cyberattack Pegasus Spyware NSO Group Vulnerability Exploit

Apple users gets attacked by spyware that forced the tech giant to sue

NSO Group, along with Q Cyber Technologies, was sued by Apple in a US federal court after allegedly attacking consumers with Pegasus spyware and describing them as notorious amoral hackers in the 21st century who developed a high-level surveillance tool used for cybercrime and deliberate abuse. The file charged against the Israeli spyware firm marks another...
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The Tor Project Dark Web Domains Onion V3 Websites The Onion Router Virtual Tunnels

The Tor Project require dark web domains to move to V3 onion sites

A major change in the Tor anonymity network has transpired from 2020 to 2021 after their software team issued the latest version that updated .onion domains’ appearance and function. One important aspect of the Tor Project is how it was updated from having 16-character-long .onion domains or v2 addresses to being replaced with 56-character-long domains or...
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Aggah Campaign Clipboard Hijacking Stealing Crypto Assets Digital Risk Protection Anti Malware Bitcoin

New Aggah campaign uses clipboard hijacking to steal Crypto assets

Security experts have recently identified a new campaign called ‘Aggah’ that has been observed distributing clipboard hijacking code for their cryptocurrency heist. The code replaces the cryptocurrency address by the malicious threat actors. Moreover, the code used by Aggah can also deploy maliciously coded files. The researchers stated that the new campaigns observed lately are very...
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Hackers Steal Master Passwords Last Pass Data Leak MFA

Hackers attempted to steal the master passwords of LastPass users

LastPass users worldwide were frightened after a message was sent to their respective emails about their master passwords being accessed by unknown threat actors from unrecognised locations. However, the access attempts were immediately blocked as a safety precaution since they came from unidentified locations. Stories of similar LastPass master passwords being compromised were seen posted by...
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Threat Group Void Balaur Hacker For Hire APT28 Pawn Storm Threat Hunting Hackers

The history of cyber mercenary group Void Balaur gets probed by analysts

Security researchers have recently released a report about hacker-for-hire threat group services that have been advertised throughout the cybercrime underground landscape since 2010. The cyber mercenary group, named Void Balaur, has been attacking victims for surveillance and financial gains. Their previous attacks involved firms within the IT and telecom sectors and journalists, activists, and religious leaders....
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