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Spam campaign attacks new techniques South American organizations

Spam campaign attacks revise its techniques against South American organizations

Researchers have found that a spam campaign has revised its methods to add an extensive commodity remote access trojans or RATs and geolocation filtering to evade being detected by authorities. The said spam campaign focuses on distributing spear-phishing emails towards South American organizations.  According to security researchers, the attacks were attributed to an advanced persistent threat or...
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Indonesia government agencies ministries cyberattack threat actors cyber espionage mustang panda

Indonesian agencies and ministries attacked through threat actors cyber-espionage attempts

Cyber-espionage threat actors from China were reported to have breached about 10 internal networks of Indonesian agencies and government ministries. The attack includes the computer devices of Badan Intelijen Negara (BIN) – the primary intelligence services of Indonesia.  Unexpectedly, the cyber-espionage attempt of threat actors from China was revealed in between a time when both...
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Cyber fifth warfare dimension UK armed forces

Cyber named as the fifth warfare dimension as per the UK armed forces

According to military leaders of the UK, their armed forces are preparing to commence significant advantages regarding their cybersecurity capabilities in the following years. Cyberspace being confirmed as the fifth warfare domain together with land, air, sea, and space forces the defence authorities to improve their operations all across the West.  The range of the...
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Chinese APT campaign Operation Harvest McAffee

A Chinese APT campaign called ‘Operation Harvest’ was caught by McAffee

McAfee Enterprise, an American global computer security software company in California, has reported finding a threat actor group wherein they could dwell and collect data on a victim’s network for many years without being caught. The firm has identified the Chinese advanced persistent threat or APT campaign as “Operation Harvest”, where attackers use a mixture of both recognized and...
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Cryptocurrency great escape plan hackers dark web

Cryptocurrency is a great escape plan for hackers

Cybercrimes have been under the spotlight for the longest time, primarily because of how lucrative the business is for threat actors. Recent reports reveal that the cybercrime landscape has cost the world more than $1 trillion, and by 2025, it has been predicted to cost the world’s economy over $10 trillion. It makes this fact clear coming from the...
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source code leak Babuk ransomware dark web monitoring

Complete source code of Babuk ransomware has been leaked on a Russian-speaking forum for hackers

Ransomware called Babuk Locker’s complete sources has recently been leaked by a threat actor. The incident has happened inside a Russian-speaking forum for hacking-related subjects. Launched around early 2021, Babuk Locker, also known as Babyk, has begun to victimise many businesses in double-extortion attacks to execute data theft and data encryption. The ransomware group behind...
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Cream Finance 29 million crypto assets stolen cyber-theft

Over $29 million worth of crypto assets stolen from Cream Finance via cyber theft

Cream Finance, decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and lending system for individuals and firms to access financial services and life on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom, has been reported to lose over $29 million of cryptocurrency funds due to cyber theft.    Shortly after a blockchain cybersecurity firm, PeckShield noticed ongoing attack signs, Cream Finance announced that they have indeed been hacked. ...
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RansomExx Ransomware Brazil Lojas Renner

The biggest Brazilian clothing store chain, Lojas Renner got attacked by a ransomware

One of the biggest clothing store chains in Brazil, Lojas Renner, had been recently reported to be intruded on by a ransomware attack. The said attack has negatively affected the store’s IT infrastructure, causing its official website and some of its systems to be inaccessible. This incident was revealed by the company Lojas Renner themselves on Thursday as they file with...
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North Korea Hackers web browsers malware InkySquid

InkySquid hacker group from North Korea compromises web browsers into downloading a malware

A North Korean hacker group has been reported by cybersecurity experts to be utilizing web browser applications to manipulate and exploit them into delivering and deploying a certain custom malware to their victims’ websites. Behind this cyberattack is an eminent North Korean group around the cybercrime industry called the InkySquid. They are described as a threat...
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Version 2.0 LockBit Ransomware global landscape malware

Version 2.0 of LockBit Ransomware reaches global landscape

In using version 2.0 of LockBit RaaS malware (ransom-as-a-service), cybersecurity researchers say that threat actors could execute more aggressive targeted attacks against several organizations in different countries such as Taiwan, Italy, Chile, and the UK. In addition, the attacks that happened around July and August this year are said to employ the LockBit 2.0 malware...
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