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ntpc northwest territories power corporation netwalker ransomware malware financial malware antimalware hacking dark web

Canadian power company gets hit with Netwalker ransomware

A major power provider in Canada has just suffered a ransomware attack, Thursday afternoon. The Northwest Territories Power Corporation’s (NTPC) had an unexpected cyber security incident when its official website went down and had some of the pages taken over, showing what looks like a ransom note from the unknown hackers. The headline of the...
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doppelpaymer ransomware group los angeles cyber attack data leak compromised data antimalware dark web cyber threat

Ransomware operators launched a cyber attack in L.A.

A bold claim from the renowned DoppelPaymer Ransomware Group has been announced, with the hackers saying that they’ve just launched a targeted cyber attack in a U.S. city near the South Bay area of Los Angeles. The targeted city, Torrance, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, has been consistent in its standing as one of...
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apple iphone zero day vulnerability cyberattack email hackers hacking infosec information security

Unseen exploits on iPhone opens the possibility of hacking

Security researchers detected critical flaws in pre-installed Apple E-mail applications on iPhone and iPad that are being exploited to spy on high profile victims. Cybercriminals have been utilizing the weaknesses for at least two years. Million iOS users are vulnerable in complete control of remote hackers on the device once their account is logged in...
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emotet malware financial malware banking trojan antitrojan antimalware phishing antiphishing infosec information security

Emotet malware just made the coronavirus harmful for machines too

During these last few months, cyber security analysts and cyber research companies have been giving out precautions about the continuing increase in malware attacks, specifically Emotet. U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued warning as well that it’s considered a huge growth in focused malware attacks using Emotet. In its short history, Emotet started...
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facebook dark web data leak compromised data

Personal Data of 309 Million Facebook users exposed in Dark Web

Over 309 Million Facebook user’s data are now exposed on the Dark Web and being sold by the Threat actors for 500 Euros or $542. The data includes the user’s personal information such as first name, last name, email address, Facebook ID, status, age, gender and last login timestamps. Though there were no account passwords...
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bec business email compromise phishing scam antiphishing bec domain monitoring

Corporate phishing scam in Britain: 3 firms suffers 1.3 Million USD

On the 3rd of April, business equity firms have been tricked for a wire transfer amounting to $1.3 million. The fraudulent act was accounted to ‘The Florentine Banker,’ a well-known hacker group that has been onto this type of phishing scam for several years now. Using BEC (business email compromise) technique, they were able to...
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facebook pegasus spyware malware antimalware mobile apps social media

Pegasus Spyware: Facebook allegedly considered to purchase this to spy on iOS users

Facebook is one of the most used Social Media platform worldwide with more than 2.45 Billion monthly active users and counting. The platform also collects personal information on its users once you created an account. This is a known fact and is considered by the US congress as a violation of every individual’s privacy, regardless...
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coronavirus websites covid19 covid-19 domains fraud prevention malware antimalware threat intelligence phishing antiphishing

Cybercriminals creating massive amount of Coronavirus websites and promotional offers as a trap

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing a lot of fear and panic on a global scale. Cyber-criminals, however, saw it as an opportunity to further their fraudulent and malicious activities and take advantage of people during these trying times by creating massive amount of Coronavirus websites and domains. People are staying at home and are...
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massive data leak israeli voters compromised data risk and compliance brand protection policy enforcement website protection third party risk assessment vendor risk assessment

Massive data leak of Israeli voters’ private information exposed inadvertently

Massive data leak of 6.5 Million Israeli voters’ personal data was exposed on a leak which included names, gender, addresses, and identity card numbers as well as phone numbers and other private information.  Every electoral party list in Israel was given a database containing every Israeli’s personal information for use in their campaign providing that...
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iot devices telnet data leaks compromised data hackers hacker hacking

IoT telnet leaks – Hacker exposes Telnet credentials for more than 500k Devices

A hacker who runs a DDoS Service business from the Dark Web and across the criminal internet forums lately made the front page of the internet discussion through numerous tech-news site as he had published a list of IoT Telnet device credentials amounting to 515,000  devices that he had “cracked.”  The list of exposed credentials...
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