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Vulnerabilities Healthcare Institutions Cyberthreats Nucleus:13 Medical Siemens

Researchers found Vulnerabilities within Healthcare Institutions that expose them to Cyberthreats

Healthcare institutions have millions of connected devices exposed to critical vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities allow threat actors to disrupt medical tools and patient monitors, including the Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have control over systems and equipment inside health facilities like ventilation systems.  The communications protocol TCP/IP stacks are also utilised in other industries besides the...
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CERT-FR France ANSSI Europe Gefco Lockean Ransomware Malware

French firms are hit with the new Lockean Multi Ransomware affiliates

France’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has recently released a report regarding the details of a ransomware affiliate group’s – now tracked as Lockean – tools and tactics. From the past year, the ransomware threat actors have been actively compromising networks of about eight companies inside France, where they stole confidential information and deployed malware from many ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) operations.  The initial activities found...
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Ransomware Groups Financial Events FBI NASDAQ Stock Exchange

Ransomware Groups are discovered to target time-sensitive financial events, as reported by the FBI

New reports are published by the FBI pertaining to ransomware groups observed to exploit special financial events to perform their attacks. The ransomware threat groups use financial events such as acquisitions and mergers to target institutions and compel them to pay ransom demands.  The FBI stated that ransomware groups research and acquire the victim’s publicly available data before executing...
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Customers Hacked GoDaddy Data Breach Web Hosting WordPress CMS Domain Registrar

1.2 Million Customers Hacked by the recent GoDaddy data breach

WordPress is among the most renowned content management systems (CMS) globally, with an estimate of more than 64 million clients and 400 million daily visitors. Meanwhile, recent reports reveal that GoDaddy, the CMS’s top web hosting tool among clients, has compromised about 1.2 million WordPress client information to a data breach.  As described by GoDaddy’s chief information security officer (CISO) in...
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FBI DDoS Attack HelloKitty Ransomware Network Disruption Traffic Cyberattack Denial of Service

FBI warns private firms about DDoS attack being added to HelloKitty Ransomware’s arsenal of tactics 

A flash alert was sent by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to warn private industries about the HelloKitty ransomware gang, also known as FiveHands, adding DDoS attack to their collection of extortion strategies. The warning also stressed that the threat actors would take down the website of their victims if they did not pay the ransom...
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ColdFusion Cring Ransomware Attack VPN Unpatched Servers Vulnerability

Experts warn companies that the Cring Ransomware group is targeting outdated servers and VPNs

Following its emergence this year, the Cring ransomware threat group remained active in the cybercrime landscape by attacking old ColdFusion servers and VPNs. As per security experts, a unique quality of their ransomware attack involves their specialisation in using old vulnerabilities for their exploit activities.   Furthermore, analysts said that Cring ransomware’s exploitation of old VPN and server vulnerabilities must be a wake-up call...
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HTTPS Tech Retail Cyber Threats Ransomware Encrypted Attacks Cybercrime

HTTPS, tech, and retail firms are prone to cyber threats, according to new reports

New reports were published by security analysts recently, stressing the upsurge of cyber threats this year, including cyberattacks against HTTPS, tech, and retailer firms.  According to the report, threats against HTTPS have grown to over 314%, while threats against tech companies have dramatically surged to 2,300%. Retail companies, on the other hand, grew to 800% of exposure to cyber...
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DNS Attacks Cyber threat domain name system DNSSEC Vulnerabilities

Survey reveals that DNS cyberattacks pose major threats to organisations

Cybersecurity leaders have conducted a study that shows the alarming hike of domain name system (DNS) attacks against organisations for 2021. The survey result revealed that within the past 12 months, 72% of participants had experienced a DNS cyberattack.   61% of victimised organisations have suffered from multiple attacks, while 11% are attacked regularly. In terms of cyberattack recovery, one-third of the respondents said...
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Extortion Threat Groups DDoS Attacks Telecom UK cyber attack network disruption

Coordinated extortion-focused threat groups are condemned for DDoS attacks against telecom firms in the UK

An industry trade group recently reported that the series of cyberattacks against telecom providers in the UK came from an organisation of threat groups that aims to extort money from targeted victims. The Comms Council of the UK has released a statement saying that the coordinated extortion-focused cybercrime experts are behind the surge of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against telecom...
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UK House of Commons Email Threats Cyber Security Phishing Scam Malicious Emails Ransomware Vulnerability

The UK’s House of Commons gets exposed to cyber threats with a 358% upsurge rate for 2021

Security researchers have found out a 358% upsurge in the rate of malicious email threats being sent towards the inbox of the UK’s House of Commons in 2020. The Freedom of Information (FoI) data were acquired from the lower house of the UK’s parliament that revealed an increase in cyber threats over the previous years.  In 2018, HoC blocked over...
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