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The Dark Web Exposed New Sale of Pakistani Banks Credit Card Dumps
Security experts have just discovered another rather huge set of compromised payment cards details that was put on sale on Joker’s Stash, one of the most popular underground hubs of stolen card data, on Nov. 13. The new set of dumps, unauthorized digital copies of the information contained in magnetic stripe of a bank card,...
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Hackers Found Selling Pakistani Bank Data on the Dark Web
Malicious threat actors have apparently figured out how to take assets from almost every bank in Pakistan, in a stunning unforeseen development. The gigantic money related break was affirmed by the executive of cybercrimes at Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, wing Captain (retd) Mohammad Shoaib, various nearby news outlets detailed. The hackers have allegedly figured out...
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Drupalgeddon 2: A Postmortem Analysis for Drupal’s Major Security Breach
Background Just months ago, Drupal, one of the most famous Content Management System (or CMS) along with WordPress and Joomla, sparked a lot of controversies surrounding its alleged vulnerability of how easy it is for threat actors to compromise its system. We’re referring to what happened last March, on which two vulnerabilities, (CVE-2018-7600) and (CVE-2018-7602),...
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Trusted SSL/TLS Certificates: The New Tool for Domain Spoofers
The holiday season is fast approaching – this is just the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to scam shoppers out of their hard-earned money. According to Experian data, online shopping fraud attacks rose 30 percent in 2017 from 2016. Online shoppers can be totally duped in a number of unsuspecting ways – Phishing emails may be...
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The Panda Banking Trojan Now Targeting the US, Japan & Canada
The Panda Banker is a banking Trojan that seems to be related to the Zeus Trojan. The Panda Banker, a recently uncovered banking Trojan, is related to one of the most famous and destructive banking Trojans in history. Zeus is quite an old threat that has spawned countless imitators. The Panda Banker is used to...
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LoJax: The First Ever UEFI Rootkit Released
Researchers from ESET who discovered the rootkit say this is the first time researchers successfully detected an actively exposed rootkit that exploits the UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. By injecting itself this deeply into the computer, the attackers hope to achieve...
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US$7.5M Worth of CryptoCurrencies stolen from
Cyber Criminals have effectively pulled back 1.3 million of the stolen tokens. The Swiss cryptographic money trade is as yet exploring the reason for the rupture. Switzerland-based digital money trade endured a break that brought about programmers taking around 50 million TIO ( tokens) from one of its wallets that was held in cool...
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Phishing : UK Tax Refund Scheme
Cybercriminals are getting an early start by promising U.K. computer users a sizable tax refund in an attempt to steal their personal data. Recipients of the email scam, which appeared to come from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) the U.K. government department responsible for collecting taxes, were told to visit a gateway portal to...
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Queensland Government Attacked By Cyber Criminals
A rather large group of international cyber attackers have just attacked the Queensland Government, with cyber researchers being forced to defend against several potentially catastrophic barrage of online attacks. Just early last year, the state government’s cyber security experts detected and stopped more than 20 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, during which an average...
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WhatsApp Accounts Can Be Compromised: Via Video Call or Messaging
Popular Social Media application – WhatsApp – and its users are being warned of a newly discovered attack that allows hackers to infiltrate your private messages and group chats. Combined with other hacking and infiltration methods, the flaw could allow cyber criminals to impersonate you and even spread fake messages to your friends on the...
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