Data Integration

Raw Data

Threat Intelligence and incident raw data provides an important matrix of actionable information that can be integrated into the client-side network. Data can be integrated in client gateway, exchanges, device and services to bolster the cyber defense posture to external threats.

Threat Intelligence data can be consumed directly from the iZOOlogic platform, machine to machine, via a variety of methods. iZOOlogic operations and services curates the incident and threat data to ensure the data outputs are highly relevant whilst reducing false positives and background noise.

Data Integration Services

iZOOlogic provides a full REST API, and a library of web services to seamlessly integrate data and alerts directly into SIEM dashboards and SOC environments. iZOOlogic Support can afford the necessary working knowledge for integration into a variety of third party tools such as LogRhythm, ArcSight, Swimlane, IBM Qradar, and other vendors, as well as in-house SOC dashboards and systems. The integration of threat data automates the orchestration of security updates and responses.

Propriety Intelligence

iZOOlogic threat data is derived from the company owned assets and sensors, a global client base, as well as third party and open sources. Direct phishing intelligence from the intelliCODE suite of services can be delivered in real time via customisable web services. The iZOOlogic R&D team offers consultation to provide bespoke development to facilitate client data integrations.

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