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Data breach Epik 15 million customers non-customers data leak

Data breach against Epik has affected 15 million of both customers and non-customers

It is confirmed by Epik, an online service provider, that an unauthorized intrusion has indeed transpired into their systems following an incident last week where a hacker called Anonymous has leaked over 180 GB worth of stolen data from them. The threat group has even taunted Epik’s initial response to the attack by altering their official knowledge...
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Data Breaches from failures Firebase Databases

Data Breaches are triggered from failures in Firebase Databases

As the series of data breach incidents persist in the cybersecurity industry, database security has been recognized more. Even as of now, sensitive user data are still available all over the web. It seems like that the Firebase administrators are failing to abide by the protocols despite warnings and notifications to secure vital databases with passwords. Firebase...
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500000 records Pine Labs compromised data breach blackmatter ransomware

Over 500,000 sensitive company records of Pine Labs were compromised due to data breach

Reports have emerged recently about a B2B fintech solutions firm, Pine Labs, suspected exposure to cyber hacking, which has been said to compromise over 500,000 confidential records, including the firm’s employee data, financial statements, client contracts, and many other internal sensitive documentations.   Pine Labs, however, denies the alleged claims.   As stated by cybercrime...
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T-Mobile customer data breach cyber attack hackers

T-Mobile huge customer data breach under investigation

One of the major telecommunications companies, T-Mobile, has recently acknowledged that they have been attacked by cyber hackers and have compromised the private information of over 40 million current, former, and prospective customers in the US. This includes names, birthdays, social security numbers, security pins, ID information, and more sensitive customer details.  The rise of the issue to...
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6000 data breaches DarkSide Ransomeware cyber attack malware

At least 6,000 data breaches were reported due to DarkSide ransomware attack

One of the largest fuel pipelines in the US, Colonial Pipeline, has been having a mitigation activity wherein they send alerts and notifications to users affected by a data breach issue coming from a ransomware attack called DarkSide last May.  According to Colonial Pipeline themselves, they have recently known about the DarkSide attack and learned that the threat actors could steal...
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Fraudsters user passwords data breach online phishing

Fraudsters harvest user passwords via data breach and online phishing

It is a usual scenario where our passwords are required to be changed at times of data breach. Still, the truth is that cybercriminals take advantage of this situation by harvesting all the vulnerable target information before victims actually become aware of what’s happening. Learn more about how the data breaching process happens here.   Passwords have undeniably become the source of protection and authentication for...
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Data breach DailyQuiz 8.3 million plaintext passwords leak

Data breach of DailyQuiz comprises 8.3 million plaintext passwords

Cybercriminals are highly motivated in targeting database that contains a large amount of personal data. A company database is a gold mine that allows attackers to make a huge profit and is sometimes used for operative and personal data hostage. Hacker successfully stole a total of 8.3 million of DailyQuiz user accounts.   DailyQuiz is...
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Accellion data breach Clop ransomware malware File Transfer Appliance

The average ransomware payment increases due to the Accellion data breach

Clop ransomware group attacked Accellion, one of the companies that offer File Transfer Appliance. Typically, transferring files happens via email. However, emails have limitations, particularly when it comes to large attachments and sensitive data. Some companies are now using File Transfer Appliance (FTA) installed on a private cloud, on-premises, or hosted to securely manage and...
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data breach world's top 100 brands business reputation

World’s top 100 brands values at 223 billion dollars are at stake if a data breach occurs

A company’s sensitive information is stored on either local machine, cloud servers, and enterprise databases. A data breach can be defined as viewing an individual’s personal medical file without authorization or sharing a sensitive document without permission. When a company accidentally exposes data, it might be due to unintentional disclosure of data inside the job...
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Imobiliare Romania Real Estate Data Breach vulnerability misconfiguration

Imobiliare, Romania’s largest Real Estate company suffers Data Breach

Every day, companies faced security challenges in maintaining their data secured from cyber-attacks. A data breach results from successful cyber-attacks that permit cyber criminals to access a company’s sensitive data. The exploitation of the data can happen anytime to any organization. However, cyber-attack is not the only cause of why data breaches are happening worldwide....
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