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Japanese Electronics Panasonic Data Breach Japan Brand Abuse Compromised Systems

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic confirms suffering from data breach

Recent reports revealed a data breach against Panasonic, a Japanese multinational corporation and electronics giant, that compromised their data stored on a file server as the unknown threat actors have managed to access their systems. A press release by Panasonic confirmed that their network had been illegally accessed by unknown third-party threat actors last November...
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Healthcare Energy Defense organisations Data Breach Hackers Vulnerability Exploit Malware

Healthcare, Energy, and Defense organisations suffered data breach from hackers

Recently, a cybersecurity firm from Palo Alto released an advisory of a data breach campaign conducted by hackers that already crippled about nine organisations globally. These organisations that suffered an attack are known to be a part of the most essential sectors of the government.  The malicious threat actors were seen exploiting a critical flaw (CVE-2021-40539) in Zoho’s enterprise password management solution...
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7 Million Users RobinHood Trading Platform Data Breach Cryptocurrency Stock Trading

7 Million users of RobinHood Trading Platform affected by a recent Data Breach

Recently, Robinhood, a stock trading platform, revealed that a data breach incident occurred inside their system after threat actors hacked and obtained access to sensitive information of about 7 million users. The breaching incident was traced back to the 3rd of November. A threat actor contacted a customer support employee and used social engineering techniques...
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Customers Hacked GoDaddy Data Breach Web Hosting WordPress CMS Domain Registrar

1.2 Million Customers Hacked by the recent GoDaddy data breach

WordPress is among the most renowned content management systems (CMS) globally, with an estimate of more than 64 million clients and 400 million daily visitors. Meanwhile, recent reports reveal that GoDaddy, the CMS’s top web hosting tool among clients, has compromised about 1.2 million WordPress client information to a data breach.  As described by GoDaddy’s chief information security officer (CISO) in...
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IRRC data leak Taliban Immigration Canada UN human rights

IRCC apologises for a data breach of hundreds of Afghan names, which exposes them to danger

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC is under fire for unintentionally breaching data through an email of hundreds of Afghans that seeks protection against the Taliban.   The exposed Afghans fear that the Taliban, who occupied Afghanistan last August, will retaliate against them since most of them are hiding due to past issues relating to the Afghan government, such as being an...
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Thai hotel chain data breach Desorden Group Hackers

A Thai hotel chain suffered from a data breach claimed by Desorden Group

A Thai luxury hotel chain, Centara Hotels & Resort, has recently published a statement regarding a data breach suspected of being performed by a notorious group of threat actors behind a series of cyberattacks in the past weeks.  Through the security team’s investigation, it was verified that the system of the luxury hotel chain had suffered a data breach, and the threat actors were able to access some customers’...
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IT consulting Accenture data breach LockBit Ransomware

IT consulting firm Accenture confirms the recent data breaching of LockBit ransomware against their systems 

LockBit ransomware has successfully attacked another victim once again, following the confirmation of Accenture, a global consultancy and IT firm that the threat actors recently victimised. The data breach incident was revealed through the firm’s fourth-quarter financial report.   The IT consulting firm and its clients have been experiencing cybersecurity attacks such as phishing, data breach, and malware attacks against...
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Luxury department store Neiman Marcus data breach compromised data

Luxury department store, Neiman Marcus, gets hit by data breach affecting millions

Neiman Marcus, an American luxury department store chain in the ownership of Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) located in Dallas, Texas, has warned millions of their worldwide clients about their online accounts being susceptible to a major data breach. The impacted customers have reached over 4.6 million people, of which they have sent notifications regarding the attack that may have begun by May last year.  From the...
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Forward Air ransomware data breach evil corp cybercrime gang

Logistic company Forward Air suffered from a ransomware data breach

Forward Air, a logistic company that offers surface shipping, suffered a data breach from a ransomware attack that resulted in the exposure of its employees’ personal information and granted access to the attackers.  The cybercrime group “Hades” was reported as the attacker against Forward Air last December 2020. The logistic company was forced to shut down its network, which disrupted their...
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personal health information American Mental Healthcare provider exposed Data Breach

Thousands of personal health information of two American Mental Healthcare providers exposed to Data Breach

Two mental healthcare providers in America have been exposed to a data breach that has compromised thousands of affected people’s personal health information (PHI).  The first one is Horizon House, Inc., a mental healthcare provider located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Last March 5, Horizon House discovered suspicious activity in their IT networks and revealed from the investigation that ransomware has infected their IT systems. The healthcare provider...
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