October 18, 2018
Cyber Security Experts Are Calling For Sharing And Classification of Resources on The Dark Web
Terbium Labs, a Dark Web Intelligence Company has called for an industry-wide, standardized framework for evaluating and describing goods and services for sale on underground forums, after complaining that most research is inconsistent and misleading. They have gathered and analyzed 22 reports from 18 different sources dating back to 2013 to better understand how security...
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UK News Sites Fall Victim to Domain Spoofing
A new study from DNS-based cyber threat intelligence firm DomainTools has exposed how cyber attackers are now using domain-squatting to spread disinformation and fake news to the public as well. After analysing domains associated with leading UK media outlets – BBC News, The Guardian, Sky News, ITV News, and the Daily Mail – the firm...
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Apple iPhone Passcodes - Little To No Protection
Anyone using a four or six-digit passcode on your iPhone? If so, you need to change it immediately because your device has little to no protection. This advice comes after an anonymous source provided security firm Malwarebytes with evidence of a cheap technology which promises to crack any iPhone. Developed by long-time US intelligence agency...
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