January 8, 2019
Firefox Monitor

Has that website been pwned? Firefox Monitor will tell you

Firefox Monitor, a breach warning site propelled by Mozilla in September, would now be able to convey cautions from inside Firefox program. When the service goes live in the coming weeks, Firefox users running version 62 and later will see a symbol show up in the location bar when they visit a known breach site....
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Phishing Attacks

Nine Major Phishing Attacks of 2018 (and How to Spot Them)

The subtle elements of phishing attacks and tricks change from year to year. Here, we will talk about phishing email models from a portion of the best phishing plans of 2018.   Record Verification Attachments as email bait from legitimate website poses from major company believing that some issue exist with your account.   Cloud-Based...
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Phishing and Fraud Opportunities on the Vulnerability

Vulnerability: Unprivileged Linux users can execute any command

Phishing and Fraud Opportunities on the Vulnerability: Root access on most devices is severe to the point that everything on your machine can be copied and sniffed out to a hacker’s computer. Search for malware alone won’t suffice, because vulnerabilities cannot be simply scanned through normal malware protection, so much for malware detection alone too....
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