July 20, 2019
Shamoon malware

Malware Wipes Hard Drives Clean – Permanently

New variants of Shamoon disk-wiping malware were recently reported to cyber security experts this week from Italy. Shamoon malware was first spotted in the cyber-attack against Saudi Arabia and other oil companies in 2012 in which it erased data of more than 30,000 belonging to the companies.   In 2016 it was spotted in the...
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data breach

US Firm Suffers Data Breach – Cards Data Posted on DarkNet

In a statement posted to its Web site today, Orlando, Fla. based hospitality firm Earl Enterprises said a data breach involving malware installed on its point-of-sale systems allowed cyber thieves to steal card details from customers between May 23, 2018 and March 18, 2019. According to an analysis of that page, it appears the data...
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phishing attacks

Hackers sending over 3 billion fake emails daily to conduct phishing attacks

Every day, hackers send out over 3.5 billion fake emails worldwide targeting companies to spear-phishing and spoofing cyberattacks. Most companies remain vulnerable to these phishing attacks simply because they’re not implementing industry-standard authentication protocols. Vast majority of these suspicious emails were found out to came from U.S.-based sources. Spear-phishing, as distinguished from regular phishing scams,...
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