March 7, 2020
iot devices telnet data leaks compromised data hackers hacker hacking

IoT telnet leaks – Hacker exposes Telnet credentials for more than 500k Devices

A hacker who runs a DDoS Service business from the Dark Web and across the criminal internet forums lately made the front page of the internet discussion through numerous tech-news site as he had published a list of IoT Telnet device credentials amounting to 515,000  devices that he had “cracked.”  The list of exposed credentials...
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galveston county cyber scammer scam scammed fraud prevention

Cyber scammer deceived town in Texas

Judge Mark Henry of Galveston County called on the county’s auditor and purchasing agent to resign, blaming them for the theft by cyber scammer of more than $500,000 from the county earlier this year. At a county commissioners meeting Monday, Henry said County Auditor Randall Rice and County Purchasing Agent Rufus Crowder should be held...
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