June 3, 2020
european supercomputers hijacked cryptocurrency malware ransomware antimalware trojan

Cyber attack in Europe: Supercomputers hijacked over cryptocurrency mining

A large number of Supercomputers owned by a European supercomputing firm was just taken over by hackers a few days ago. These supercomputers, located in different countries all over Europe, was commissioned by different government agencies and healthcare organizations in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre in UK for Covid-19 research and development. According...
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us president revil hacking group hacking hackers fraud prevention digital risk protection cybercrime cyber attack

Documents of US President to be exposed unless hackers get paid

A notorious criminal hacking group just got it hands in perhaps one of the most controversial piece of information related to US President Donald Trump today. At least that’s what the hackers are claiming to have acquired just last week. The hacking group, calling themselves REvil, just hacked and got immediate access to some “secret...
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