February 6, 2021
cryptojacking MrbMiner botnet Iran Vihansoft trojan Iran

MrbMiner botnet traced back to Iranian software company

With the growing followers of cryptocurrency, adversaries use different tactics to perform illegal mining activities to profit via cryptojacking. With the performance requirements needed by a database, riding to it is a great advantage that the ingenious MrbMiners has exploited. By targeting many Microsoft SQL servers via brute-force attacks, MrbMiner placed their group in the...
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noxplayer bignox android emulation app hijacked server malware nightscout hacking group

Cyber-attack that targets NoxPlayer Android emulator app gamers with malware

Cybersecurity researchers have recently discovered that NoxPlayer, an Android emulation app for Windows and Mac OS made by a Hong Kong-based company BigNox was compromised via its updating mechanism. The unidentified threat actor hijacked the update process and infected gamers with malware. NoxPlayer is currently used by gamers from 150 countries around the world. Still,...
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