August 26, 2021
Chinese Intelligence Groups China ShadowPad Malware

Chinese Intelligence Groups discovered using the ShadowPad Malware

Five groups of different Chinese intelligence have been executing a notorious Windows backdoor malware called ShadowPad with their operation since the year 2017, which enables threat actors to upload files, create processes, store information, steal private data, and download malicious elements.  According to researchers, many threat groups have found the use of ShadowPad malware as significantly convenient due to...
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T-Mobile customer data breach cyber attack hackers

T-Mobile huge customer data breach under investigation

One of the major telecommunications companies, T-Mobile, has recently acknowledged that they have been attacked by cyber hackers and have compromised the private information of over 40 million current, former, and prospective customers in the US. This includes names, birthdays, social security numbers, security pins, ID information, and more sensitive customer details.  The rise of the issue to...
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Flubot malware attacked Australians SMS SMiShing Vishing

Flubot malware recently attacked Australians through SMS

Thousands of Android users have been targeted by a new scam using Flubot malware around Europe to Australia  A malware called Flubot has been attacking thousands of users from Australia through text message scams. The malware is basically intended to be installed on the mobile devices of the victims. Even though Android devices are the initial target...
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