September 16, 2021
500000 Fortinet VPN credentials leaked cyber attackers dark web hacker forum

500,000 Fortinet VPN credentials are leaked by cyber attackers

A record of nearly 500,000 login names and passwords from Fortinet VPN has been leaked by cyber attackers, wherein these details were said to have been scraped from exploitable devices in the past months. The attackers clarify that the Fortinet exploited vulnerabilities were patched and that many VPN credentials are still deemed valid.  The VPN scraped credentials enable attackers to access a network to...
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Digital COVID-19 vaccination proof faked Bug Flaw Security Researchers

Digital COVID-19 vaccination proof can be faked, Flaw discovered by Security Researchers

A digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate can be faked, as warned by Richard Nelson, an Australian software engineer. This Australian digital contact-tracing program has serious flaws, according to the researcher, who is part of an independent cybersecurity group. This tactic can be done through Express Medicare, a government-operated application. He has sent a bug report to the in-charge...
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