October 13, 2021
Wi Fi Networks expose login credentials University users configuration flaws

Wi-Fi Networks expose login credentials of University users due to configuration flaws

Security researchers discovered multiple configuration flaws concerning the free Wi-Fi networks of many universities. The deficiency affects students and faculty members who connect via Android and Windows devices, allowing unauthorized hacker access and the likelihood of having their usernames and passwords breached.    This Configuration flaw in Wi-Fi networks endangers global organizations, as reported by analysts.    Over 3,000 configurations of the eduroam Wi-Fi network roaming service being used in European universities were reviewed by...
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Cyber security risks server misconfigurations Apache Airflow Platforms

Cyber security risks threaten organizations that perform misconfigurations to Apache Airflow Platforms

Apache Airflow is an open-source platform that is popular among organizations. They use it in scheduling and managing workflows. But according to researchers, misconfigurations in Apache Airflow can endanger credentials and other sensitive records to the internet and be involved in a possible cyber security risk.  From the latest discovery of security researchers, there have...
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