October 25, 2021
Serious risk patients recall Medtronic Insulin Pump devices FDA vulnerability exploit

Serious risk to patients prompted the recall of Medtronic Insulin Pump devices via FDA

Earlier this week, the US Food and Drug Administration issued an advisory that warns the patients about the risk of the Medtronic insulin pump devices used for wireless insulin pumps. The FDA also initiated an expanded recall of the remote-controlled pumps.  The FDA identified the situation as a “Class I” recall due to the severity of the incident. It is...
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Ransomware CIS 2021 BigBobRoss CryptConsole Cryakl Phobos CrySIS

Ransomware strains that targeted the CIS for 2021

This year has been challenging for businesses, especially with the pandemic outbreak. Several threat actors have taken advantage of executing cyberattacks against organizations worldwide, ransomware being the most common type. System of government such as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) also failed to avoid such unfortunate occurrences of attacks for this year.     Businesses that operate inside the CIS have been the targets of non-prevalent ransomware threat groups.    Described below is...
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Threat actors vulnerability exploit Dahua Camera CCTV surveillance

Threat actors might exploit vulnerable Dahua Cameras from afar

Recently, research revealed that two authentication bypass vulnerabilities were present in the unpatched Dahua cameras. The said vulnerabilities have a possibility of a remote attack from malicious threat actors.  Meanwhile, Dahua Technology is a solution provider in the video surveillance industry. The security camera company covers various sectors such as banking and finance, industrial, retail, government,...
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