October 26, 2021
Aerospace Telecommunication firms cyberattack Iranian Hackers Dropbox

Aerospace and Telecommunication firms attacked by Iranian Hackers that abuses Dropbox

A piece of new information reveals a cyber-spying campaign by Iranian hackers targeting the Middle East-based aerospace and telecom industries. The goal is to steal confidential information about assets, infrastructure, and technology while remaining unidentified and evading security systems using Dropbox reliant API.  A cybersecurity company based in Boston, Massachusetts, named the attack ‘Operation Ghostshell’. They pointed out the use of...
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profile impersonations fake accounts Facebook Fraud Prevention social media

The state of impersonations and fake profiles in the Facebook landscape: Is it being tolerated?

Among several other criticisms that the Facebook platform faces each day, one of the most significant issues is how fake accounts and profile impersonations have gone rogue in the platform.   Reports say that billions of fake accounts have already been purged by Facebook in the past years, and yet, a vast number still emerges day by day. It is...
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FIN12 cybercrime group RYUK ransomware cyberattacks

FIN12 was identified to be the group behind RYUK ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity researchers have identified the cybercrime group that executed the RYUK ransomware to be FIN12. RYUK ransomware targets big organizations with average revenue of at least $6 billion. Compared to other ransomware gangs, FIN12 deploys its ransomware as fast as 2.5 days. Its main targets include healthcare organizations.    FIN12 is a ransomware gang that focuses on gaining a significant...
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