October 27, 2021
Threat actors hack account Telegram bots OTP Stealing

Threat actors hack into victims’ accounts via Telegram bots that steal OTPs 

Illegal services that allow threat actors to evade the protection that two-factor authentication (2FA) brings are rampant in underground forums.  While 2FA is the most helpful method of protecting a user’s privacy against criminals hacking into their accounts, threat actors have also found a way to sidestep the protection. One of these is the usage of bots...
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Information security incidents digital risks IT response plans policy enforcement infosec

Information security incidents pose huge risks against companies and businesses due to lack of IT response plans

Coming from the 2021 Data Security Report, information security incidents turned out to be targeted threats for companies and businesses, with an upsurge in its efficacy and amount.  Surveys revealed that at least 23% of IT security managers do not implement any security incident protocols in their working setting; that is why cyberattack suspicions are challenging to raise. Moreover, the survey...
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