January 13, 2022
Dark Mirai Botnet RCE Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Abuse Flaw TP Link Router MANGA TL-WR840N

Dark Mirai botnet discovered abusing RCE flaws in TP-Link units

The Dark Mirai botnet threat operators, also known as MANGA botnet, have been found exploiting a newly discovered vulnerability in the TP-link product called ‘TL-WR840N EU V5’ that gives a threat actor remote code execution capability. The TP-Link product is either a wired or a wireless network expansion unit. It is a product that aids...
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Sabbath Ransomware Security Evasion UNC2190 Cobalt Strike Beacon Ransomware as a Service

Sabbath ransomware evades security detections via modification tactics

A new ransomware campaign dubbed ‘Sabbath’ or UNC2190 is reportedly being launched actively by threat actors and remained undetected due to its sophisticated attack tactics and size. As the operation began its attacks in October, the Sabbath ransomware group claimed to infect multiple organisations and also threatened to leak all stolen data if victims did...
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Flubot Banking Malware Financial Trojan Android Mobile Finland Phishing Campaign

Flubot banking malware focused on targeting Android users in Finland

Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) recently released a threat advisory regarding a Flubot campaign that heavily targets Android users inside their country. NCSC Finland said that the Flubot banking malware is spread through SMS sent from compromised devices. The new spam campaign utilises a voicemail theme that asks the targets to access a link...
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Pakistani Hackers SideCopy APT India Afghanistan Government Spear Phishing Brand Abuse Social Engineering

Pakistani SideCopy APT targets India and Afghanistan’s Governments

Several government organisations from India and Afghanistan have recently suffered from cyberattacks by the SideCopy APT actors from Pakistan that breached their Facebook, Google, and Twitter accounts and stole access to their government portals. Researchers have dug deep into the new attack techniques and tools used by the APT group linked to the new attack...
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